Deception Expert

"Secrets of Detecting Lies"

Deception Expert Training

  • Get the Winning Edge… Know when people are lying to you!
  • Easy method to learn how to spot deception, thanks to the revolutionary BLAST™ system
  • Incorporates all methods of deception detection including Statement Analysis, Body Language Deception Indicators, and Micro/Mini Expressions
  • Everyone should know when people are lying to them!
  • This training will change your life forever

BLAST™ Training and Other Services…

Whetstone Security Group offers several varieties of BLAST™ training and certification.

Our one-day workshop provide a great opportunity to learn and score body language and verbal deception indicators. Participants will learn the entire BLAST™ system and have an opportunity to practice and improve their skills in the member area of our website after the workshop.

The BLAST™ 15-hour certification course allows students to become Certified BLAST™ Deception Experts. In addition, the certification course incorporates advanced micro and mini-expression analysis, advanced deception concepts, and a variety of interview techniques.

Other BLAST™ Services

In addition to the workshop and certification courses, WSG Certified BLAST™ instructors and investigators are also available to conduct the following services.

  • Guest speaking at your event.
  • Conducting investigative interviews to quickly learn the truth about an incident.
  • Use our staff of experts to detect deception in video and/or audio footage of an incident or event, reading deception (real-time) during a negotiation or meeting, and other similar services.

Some of the Skills You Will Learn…

Immediately spot physical and verbal deception indicators
Assign deception scores to each answer or statement
Understand how to assign a probability that a person told a lie, based on their verbal expression and physical gestures
Spot lies of people being interviewed on TV
How to recognize the truth, even when people don’t answer your questions
Know what third parties truly feel about a conversation they are not participating in, just by watching their body language

detecting lies

BLAST™ Was Created By…

Doug Lloyd Whetstone

Doug Whetstone --
Recognized Deception Expert,Managing Partner of Whetstone Security Group, Inc. and creator of BLAST™

Doug is a retired U.S. Marine with more than 30 years of experience in Intelligence, counterintelligence, and deception. He has worked with many US federal agencies and has conducted thousands of security interviews. Doug has devoted years to scientific research on deception and is the first deception expert to develop a reliable system of scoring deception indicators to improve accuracy in spotting lies. His research results were especially noteworthy because most of the data collected and analyzed were from real, rigorous security interviews where admissions, confessions, and polygraph examinations validated BLAST™ findings.

He has received senior-level recognition from Special Assistants to the President of the United States, Secret Service, CIA, NSA, FBI and other government agencies.

*All instructors of BLAST™ are certified deception experts and personally trained by Doug Whetstone.

Why do I need this workshop?

  • It’s important to know when people are lying to you, regardless of your profession, instead of relying on inaccurate “gut feelings”
  • BLAST™ is the most accurate and easiest way to discover deception
  • After the workshop, participants can use our online practice drills to increase their levels of accuracy
  • BLAST™ is the only deception method that scores each deception indicator – taking away some of the “guess work” in distinguishing between indicators and actual lies
  • BLAST™ scoring allows the deception expert to instantly know the probability that an answer or statement is a lie.
  • It’s FUN and you receive a Certificate of Training!

deception expert certificate

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WSG provides BLAST™ training and other investigative services to individuals, private and public organizations, as well as government entities. Contact us now to learn more about our deception training and services!

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